Our Team

Our team at MPSS Security is comprised of highly skilled and experienced staff providing security for organizations and individuals. We are fully licensed and insured and committed to using state of the art technology and best practices to provide truly outstanding security services to our clients on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. MPSS security officers are a diverse group of individuals coming from many different professional fields. These professionally diverse backgrounds provide a benefit that contributes to the success of our company. The benefits our employees provide are their ability to effectively communicate, dependability, good judgment, personal/professional integrity, and involved members in our community. MPSS knows there needs to be a certain level of education and training in order to be an effective agent in any of the services we provide. MPSS’s commitment to employee training and development is above the standard set by Washington State. All of our security guards have earned their Security Guard License from the Washington State Department of Licensing, and were handpicked by our management team for their professionalism, communication skills, relevant experience, and training. Training includes a variety of topics, such as State Laws (RCW), observe and report, public relations, communications, CPR/first aid, liability and legal aspects, driver safety, trespass, and officer safety. In addition, our guards received ongoing training internally and externally on more specialized topics. Depending upon your preference, our guards can be trained to meet your needs and wear a casual, professional, construction/industrial, or standard security guard uniform.